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Owen2k6 Network works to provide services for games, apps and more to keep them alive for longer than the developers/companies planned for them to last. We usually work on software that interacted with the internet back in the early 2010's through 2000's. But we love doing what we do!

Our Mission

We want to keep the old generation of technology going for as long as possible, By either providing servers for them or by working on the source code if available to bring them back to life.

If there is nothing we can do to bring the service fully back, We try to give assistance to people using it!

Contact Information

We provide support on https://discord.owen2k6.com so that you can get live support when staff are available.

Electronic mail
If you need to contact us via email, then please use [email protected] so it gets sent to the correct place.


Send mail to [email protected] with questions or comments about this web site.
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